Art submissions are open. Poetry and fiction submissions are temporarily closed.

Please note, we will not consider partial submissions or simultaneous submissions for any category.

Submitting Art for Straylight Online

Straylight Online does not mirror the content of the print edition. This publication is dedicated to exploring narrative of all fashion. We welcome submissions that cross genre boundaries as well as those that explore the way that visual art, music, and literature combine to produce new manifestations of story and verse.

We welcome the following submissions:

Process Pieces. We’re interested in the process of visual and literary art, and the way it evolves. If you are interested in displaying the techniques behind your creation, please query the art staff at with the subject “Straylight Online Process Piece Submission” about documenting your production at various stages.

Featured Artists. Straylight Online will occasionally consider dedicating entire pages to single artists or pieces of artwork, often accompanying an interview. If you are interested in being featured on our site, please submit an example of your work to with the subject “Straylight Online Featured Artist Submission.” Please include your name, the title of your work, the medium used, and a brief paragraph explaining why we should select you or your work to be one of our features.

Response time is about eight weeks.

Submitting Art for Print

Straylight is interested in publishing high quality artwork of any style.

Print images should be in JPEG, PNG, or PDF format. With your submission, please include the title of the work, the medium used, and a brief 25 word bio written in the third person to be published with your work. Each submission must be a large image of at least 300dpi.

Response time is about eight weeks.

We buy first North American serial rights, and we currently pay in copies, although we hope to be able to offer more substantial payment soon.

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